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DHS/DCS & Angled Blade: Hip Fixation Plates are primarily used to treat Distal and Proximal regions of the Femur. Under Angled Blade Plates we offer 95° Condylar plates, 130° Angled Blade Plates and Angled Blade Plates for Intertrochanteric Femoral Osteotomies. Under DHS/DCS Plates we offer Dynamic Hip Compression Plates, Dynamic Hip Compression Plates Short Barrel, Dynamic Hip Compression Plate Double Angled - 125°, Dynamic Hip Compression Plates Variable Angle, Safety Lock DHS Plates - Barrel 38mm/Short Barrel and Pediatric DHS Plates. Jewett Nail Plates are also available with angles varying from 130° to 140°. Various instruments and instrument sets are also available to be used with these plates

Condylar Plate 95°

Angled Blade Plate

Dynamic Compression Plate L/B Or S/B (R/H,DC/H)

Dynamic Condylar Plate 95° (R/H,DC/H)

Dynamic Compression Screw with Lag Screw

Cancellous Locked Screw 6.5 mm

Cortex Locked Screw 5.0mm (Solid) (Hex Drive)